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Our Work

Katy Responds has helped over 180 families in Katy and the greater Houston area. See the testimonies from some of the families we have helped below. Be encouraged to learn about the good work that happens in our community!

Ms Thibeaux 

Katy Responds welcomed home Ms. Thibeaux after a lengthy rebuild process following major damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Grandpa Pete

Peter, a retired Youth Counselor, is raising five grandchildren and is legally blind. The family's home has been damaged by winter storm Uri, with no hot water for two years, one bathroom, and hazardous mold and rotting cabinets. Katy Responds stepped in to help make the home safe for him and his grandchildren.

Ms Jackson

Despite facing numerous challenges, Ms. Jackson, a single mother, continued to volunteer in her community while raising her two adult special needs sons. Unfortunately, their home was severely damaged during Hurricane Harvey, leaving them without water and air for years. However, with the help of Katy Respond, we were able to rebuild their home, providing them with a safe and comfortable space to call their own. Let's celebrate their resilience and the strength of community support!

Gary Brothers

After tragically losing his mother, stepfather, and grandfather, Jaylan and his younger brother, Julian, found themselves grappling with grief and loss. As if that weren’t enough, their home was severely damaged by a brutal winter storm. Determined to care for his brother, Jaylan made a difficult decision to drop out of college to provide stability and support during this trying time. Despite the hardships, Jaylan’s unwavering strength and love for his family shines through, making him an inspiration to us all. With the donations made, Katy Responds was able to rebuild their home, restore hope, and provide a safe environment for Jaylan and his brother.

Melissa D.

"You could see through the whole house. It was literally just studs. Katy Responds came in and gave us a home again. I’m so grateful for them and the work they did."

Hear from our volunteers!

We rely on the help of volunteers to help our families.

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